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            Schizophrenia is a problem on psychotic phase.  This is a severe mental illness described by the mental and emotional or an individual behavior disorder, such as withdrawal from the outside world.   It causes by many factors including the change in the chemistry in the brain, changes in the structure of the brain and genetic factors.   It can be treating though drug theory controlling the balance of dopamine in the brain. 

            In a brain afflicted with schizophrenia that is too much dopamine and hallucination.  Then, we should say schizophrenia which is a chronic and disabling brain disease.  The most recent advance in brain imaging has to confirm imbalances of two brain chemicals, dopamine and serotonin.  Dopamine is responsible for emotions and motivation.  Serotonin acts as a messenger and stimulates muscle movement, switching nerves on and off.  Therefore, it affects an individual to develop schizophrenia.  This is approximately one percentage of the population.  It is a false or mistaken idea, lack of interest and emotion on the behavior of individual.   It is also unable to express one’s thoughts in an orderly manner.             

While one person develops schizophrenia, he/she may also develop the disease during the live.  It has many ways to cause schizophrenia.  Family history is the highest rate to develop schizophrenia.  Then, central nervous system (CNS) damage, maternal infections and flu during pregnancy, bereavement and season of birth may increase risk of schizophrenia.  Although schizophrenia affects men and a woman with equal frequency, the disorder often appears earlier in men and it usually appears in the late teens or early twenties.  This is a psychotic disorder that develops as a result of interplay between biological predisposition and the kind of environment.  There have four subtypes of schizophrenia:  simple, paranoid, hebephrenic and catatonic.  These are different types to descript the behavior on schizophrenia.   Simple is an individual withdraw or lack of interest and emotion.  Paranoid is an individual trust no one or always angry.   Hebephrenic is an individual unable to express one’s thought in an orderly manner.  Catatonic is a frame or model for forming or shaping something that likes wild excitement.   The last one type, Catatonic, may affects for hours, days or weeks. 

 On the beginning of schizophrenia, it has some early warning signs on the behavior and emotion for more than two weeks.  It is about hearing or seeing something that is not there, increasing withdrawal form social situations and irrational, angry or fearful responses to someone.  Then, it causes an individual decreasing speech, emotion and movement.  Above behavior is descript how schizophrenia affective one person on his/her problem when develops schizophrenia. 

            The main problem on schizophrenia is an individual who wants to withdrawal from social situations.  They always feel sad or depressed mood, poor sexual interest or ability, feeling worthless or guilty and physically tired all day.  It makes schizophrenics have difficulty holding a job or input to the society.   Then, they will have problem to money management, risk of harming self, physical violence and distrust emotion.  Under the negative symptoms, schizophrenics must have a treatment to help them out from the problem and become normal levels.  Before the treatment, doctors use position emission tomography (PET) to scan the level of activity in various parts of brain.  Then, we can use drug to control or make schizophrenics into a normal level.  The drugs have been available since the middle of 1950s.  These drugs primarily block dopamine receptors and affects in treating the positive symptoms of schizophrenia.   The newer antipsychotic, serotonin-dopamine antagonists (SDAs) is one of the drugs for the treatment.  When patients are ill, they may not believe they need for medication, or they cannot remember to take their daily doses.  Family or friends may not understand schizophrenia and may inappropriately advise the person with schizophrenia to stop on the treatment when he/she is feeling better.  Therefore, the treatment is very important to help patients to getting been normal level.    

            When patients take drug treatment during the early phase, patients may be troubled by side effects such as drowsiness, muscle spasms, dry mouth, or blurring of vision.  Different patients have different treatment responses and side effects by the drug.  However, patients need their family and friends to support and help them to input to the society.  

            Schizophrenia is a problem on psychotic phase.  It causes by many factors that may change in the structure of the brain. It is too much dopamine and hallucination in a brain to afflicted with schizophrenia.  The patient with schizophrenia of main problem is social withdrawal and down emotion during they are illness.   They can take the treatment to help them out from schizophrenia, but they need their family and friends to support.   The drug theory can control the balance of dopamine in the brain.   It helps them to cure by the treatment to input the society again. 



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